Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Exciting News!

Hey everyone! So sorry I have just dissapeared! Between the holidays, studying for the GMAT, and much more it has been pretty busy!

So I have told a few of you that a month ago I started a new journey! I am adopting a healthier lifestyle and slowly in the progress of making a lifestyle change.  I choose these words over the dreaded "diet" word becuase this is truly something I want to maintain and continue doing for the rest of my life. I am someone who has failed at diets before and think I have finally found what methods work for me. It is all trial and error for everyone.

This time around I jumped into the deep end and started a really intense program.  For me, it was the extra push I needed to realize how out of shape I was. Not being able to finish the first workout really motivated me to push as hard as I could ever day! Now, I can complete all the workouts and it may not be pretty but I get them done! I still can't do all the plyometrics full out but that motivates me to keep going until I can do all those jumps!

What program am I doing? Turbofire!

I have officially completed the first month of this program and am really pleased with myself at how well I am doing! I have lost 11 pounds and 13.25 inches off my body! :)

I am so proud of myself for how well I am doing so far! Only 1 cheat meal this past month! :)

With my birthday on Sunday (Superbowl) I am allowing myself to induldge because I only turn 25 once! I will hop right back on the band wagon the next day and work my butt off this week so that the cheat day doesn't derail me too much!

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  1. Happy birthday early! Great job keep it up:)