Sunday, August 10, 2014

Project Life Storage

Hey there crafty people! I have not posted on my blog in forever and I wanted to fix that.

Lately I have been working on purging, cleaning, and organizing my craft space. I am feeling so much better now that there is less in my space and organizing has been pretty fun.  Today I have come up with my ideal storage solution for Project Life cards! I'm pretty happy with how it turned out!

The cart and main plastic divider are from IKEA (Links to find everything will be at the bottom of the post.) The four front bundles of cards are in little paper boxes I made with my Silhouette (the pattern for the box is the "3d vertical journaling card storage box" by Lori Whitlock) and I only used the smaller boxes of the pattern.

Here is a top view just to show just how much you can fit in the cart!


From the front, you can see the dividers I created with my Silhouette to divide my sets of Project Life cards. (Side note: See that little basket on the side holding my Stickles? It's the Bygel container from IKEA and they hang beautifully off the side of the cart!)


A close up of the dividers:


Here you can see how the box I made on my Silhouette fits up and under the Antonius divider.  I had to slightly angle the divider up and slip the boxes under before setting the divider down.  Then I  filled them up!


Hope this helps you with organizing your Project Life cards!


The Raskog IKEA cart can be found here.

The Antonius divider from IKEA can be found here.

The Bygel containers can be found here

The Silhouette box file can be found here.

The Silhouettte divider file can be found here.